Monday, 5 September 2011

Ibiza? I'll detail you!

Yoooo  Party Peeps :D I'm dedicating this blog post to my trip in Ibiza. The majority of people know that Ibiza is the party capital of the world and in the top 10 best clubs in the world, 6 of them are in Ibiza (I've been to all of em) and I'm here to give you an honest review.

Okay for people who don't know - Ibiza is an island located off the coast of Spain. This island is known for its tourist attractions blablabla and over the years became the party capital of the world. I went with 3 close friends and I just can't eXpress how much fun we had. I really can't write down everything my friends and I did because then it won't end. If you want to know what we did in details and have a laugh, then you're just going to have to sit down with me. I'll dedicate this blog to describing the island since so many people don't know the details.

To start with, Ibiza has 2 major places - Ibiza Town and San Antonio. The major clubs such as Privilege and Amnesia to name a few are located in Ibiza Town. Ibiza Town also has the Bora Bora beach where it looks like palm beach Miami. People go walking down the road and endless coast where you got many many many side bars playing music and people dancing and dancing. There's eXtra activities all over the place like massages, tattoos, hair dreads, water sports etc etc etc

San Antonio may not have the biggest clubs but they do have clubs that would make the best club you've been to look like a church and yes I mean it that much. To name a few such as Eden and El Paradis. Our first night was at Eden and it was a Japanese based theme night. That means every day there's a sort of different theme. The pole dancers dressed up as Ninjas and did performing acts and the music was loud on techno and had something they called a foam party where foam goes down and everyone gets naked and wet :p Anyways, San Antonio is famous for its West End where it's got loads of restaurants and pubs and these pubs are known as pre and post party joints where people go and drink before and after the main event.

So we stayed in San Antonio and found out that a bus takes up for 1-3 euros 15-20 mins drive to Ibiza town or anywhere else so we get the best of both worlds without any problems. The bus drives are fun as well cause people are just drinking and clubbing even in the bus. First, if you don't know me just know that I'm a free spirit and every year I travel somewhere to take a break. Now usually I'm more of the spiritual type who would prefer to go to a place that's rich in culture but lately living in Lebanon and now I'm stuck with my cousin and close mates we've been heading to party centrals of the world. Ayia Napa, Mykonos, Ibiza etc Now that I'm here I'll give you guys a detailed idea. First of all, the currency there is in Euros so as you would eXpect, if you're going for a week you'll need at least 600-700 Euros to have a blast like a king or queen.  Unlike Greece or Ayia Napa, Ibiza is more eXpensive so you're going to have to make a choice. You can find Chinese places that cost like 8 Euros a meal and you can find other places on the same street with 15 Euros for a Burger. Now Club life is different. The cheapest drink for a Vodka Redbull to say is like 10 Euros and goes up to 15 or 20. That's why most people here go drinking in the pubs where the shots go for like 3 to 6 euros and drinks for 8 or so. What I can say is that the alcohol is icy icy icy clean unlike Lebanon where the bastard puts you spirit and medicine or whatever. So what I'm trying to say is you can drink as hell and you'll wake up without even the slightest hangover and that's for Lebanese peeps ;P

Okay what you guys need to know is that, well, the girls there are goddesses. I mean picture the hottest girl you know in Lebanon and I promise you and I'll be fair that she'll score a 6/10 compared to those beauties there. I mean forget the majority of Europeans but they come out of something you see in Baywatch. Everyone with the blond, green, blue eyes. The brunettes there come tanned with light blue eyes and each of them with a height of not less than 170 centimeters. They're also really down to Earth and a simple hello gorgeous is enough to make them smile. When I landed in Lebanon with the obesity and drama queens, I just thought if someone went gay here after what he saw, he has every right.

And ladies, the guys there are all physically fit and I noticed most of them don't work out but they're just genetically modified to be ripped. I mean they drink so much alcohol yet they're almost running an 8 pack which was a real bummer. By the way, if you want to be part of their circle, you MUST have a tattoo or a weird hair style hands down.

Now the coolest part is that everyone is easy going and everyone is equal and they really take that into consideration. I mean the best night club in the world if you go in with basketball jersey and slippers, no one is gonna stop you. In Lebanon if you don't have 1 million wasta to go into Skybar and everyone is rude and nobody wants a part of you. Honestly on the door I was going to break down crying. By the way you guys there are no tables in the clubs. If you wanna sit down you got the bar and stuff but unlike Lebanon, there are no tables and you're not forced to drink anything.

The problem even though it's not really a problem is that most people are British and British people that age are real pricks. So if you're planning to socialize, then your list has been limited but remember that's if you're planning to meet people. If you're going with a group of friends then fuck everyone and have a great time. But if you aren't then just know Ibiza has like 60% British. They're quite racists with so much stereotype beliefs. I mean this one time my friend says he's from Lebanon and she literally went like aweeeeee as in fear :p But for the rest they'll like your black hair and they'll take the hair on your face as a sign of manliness.

Now for the clubs, I really can't eXplain to you no matter how hard I try. Let me start with Privilege. A year or two back it was voted biggest club in the world. It's so big the main room is the size of kaslik. You've got eXotic dancers playing and multiple DJs hitting the deck. DJ Tiesto just chilling there. The VIP section is unique and comes more eXpensive than other places but it's the kind of place where Tiesto, PVD, Snoop Dog sit down after the night's show. It's around the same price for a bottle in Skybar. Privilege is Tiesto's hang out spot and he's probably there every weekend or so.

But my favorite hands down is going to be Amnesia. You know I'm an Astronomy Freak, and it felt like those dreams where I was part of the Star Trek Crew - all the lights and music and people going nuts - I mean it's something you can't even see in a good hollywood movie. Multiple DJs stack the floor and professional musicians all playing for everyone to forget their problems. A professional saX player called Ruben really got the club upside down - he is a must see.

As for the beaches, they aren't white sand beaches like you'll find in Ayia Napa but that doesn't stop you from having a great time. The beaches in Ibiza makes you feel like you're in Baywatch - they've got bars with music playing and people join in to show off their dance moves and everyone is having a great time. I kinda liked the salt water cause it reminded me of Nigeria's lekki beach for some reason. Maybe the salt levels and the icy cold water just struck my memory back and forth. The only difference is that you don't swim with sharks and jellyfish :P

Anyways, I'm going to close it from here and I'm glad I finally wrote something out of a club life. I guess there's gonna be more to come. Cheers you guys

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