Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Redirected Summer Plan

Oy everyone, I return to you with something interesting. There's no uber psychology involved here nor anything that requires a brain so it's a free for all. 

What I'm writing here is just a suggestion how people should try new things with their summer. You know all I notice with people here is clubbing clubbing clubbing edde edde edde sands -__- I mean come on we're better than that. Read on and see what you can grasp!

I decided to take summer courses just like last year. I enjoy taking summer because it gives me an eXcuse to wake up and plan my day.  That's the thing with summer, if you don't end up going out at night, you stay up all night trying to find something to do and you end up hibernating til evening the following day. That's completely WRONG! If you're the type that nags oooo my summer went by too fast then you're one of those people. A proper plan and wake up call is the first step to a winning battle. Remember your body needs rest so plan accordingly. 

Now I decided to go up every weekend to my home village Miziara where I get to indulge in new things. Now to start with, since on the weekends I'm in the village, if I wanted to go clubbing its got to be on the weekdays. And you know what? It's not as bad as you think! For eXample I prefer RnB music and in this country the RnB nights kick in during mid week. And the best part is that it's not always crowdy you find people who come to listen to RnB get it on so there's always space unlike saturdays where everyone is like OMG its the weekend yalla lets go clubbing and everyone rampages into the clubs like animals. And for the weekends, once in awhile it works as long as you're with a bigger group than usual. 

Now for something new, I'm spending my weekends in Miziara-Sawaki. I'm tired of all the routine and decided I should give in more to my spiritual well being. The group and I are all close friends so we head up all familiar so pick the right peeps not some random flings. Sawaki is on an altitude of 2000 meters so miX that with summer breeze and have yourself a cool chill out. Sawaki is in the heart of mother nature. It's above Miziara so you  don't have a billion tourists rampaging the area. In fact the land in Sawaki are owned by Miziarans as a summer get away more or less. So we hang out at Fares' place. We've got Najib aka Uncle Daffy the movies freak. He gets his projector and all the best dvds unknown to even the most hardcore movie fans. We watch a projected movie on the walls with drinks. So basically not only is it a good place to chill, the idea of movie watching is something you just don't want to miss during the summer. Cause this summer there are loads of blockbuster movies and you should take sometime to go to the movies at least once a week. What we usually do is go down from Mizi to the movies and we have a long ride back again. It's far better to go into details then rather go watch movie, movie ends, go home, good night. 

In Sawaki, I come into play with my astronomy skills. The skies are clear and the altitude shows you the entire heavens clear as beauty. I mount my telescope on the roof and start showing people different colors and eXplaining different stories of constellations and all. Not only that, we take sleeping mats to the roof where some of us can choose to lie down and just gaze. By the way, star gazing promotes relaXation to both body and mind believe it or not. And trust me there's always someone cracking jokes. 

Finally in the morning, mother nature gives its best. It's time for some adventure! If you haven't tried tracking across valleys then you should. Not only is it healthy, it's fun as hell. The natural air will clean up your respiratory system and make it good as new. Not only that, you get to see some gorgeous scenery you never thought you'd see in Lebanon. This may sound boring to you now but not until you eXperience it can you know what I'm talking about. If you aren't the type to use your legs then we're not all that hardcore because we can go with our offroading machines. I'm sure you ladies would like that better huh? Cross bikes and ATVs make valley to valley look easy. The passenger carries the bag though. It's good to set up a picnic in the middle of some valley when taking a break. 

So basically if you live in Beirut, I do advise any of you to take a break from the city and hit some nature. If you're with the right people, it's worth the time of your life. It's a bit too hot in the city the only thing worth doing is spending the day by the pool. If you're wondering that you aren't seeing me often, well, I wrote this down just for that point. I'll be going up every friday and back on sunday so if you wanna come up, please let me know I'll appreciate it and we'll have a chill time.