Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Orion Constellation

Em Baku Shakur, Children

Today's topic will be based on Astronomy :D BUT before you think its lame and you sigh - DONT - because I have a way of making things interesting. I don't know why Astronomers make things lame :/ I mean once I asked the teacher, sir the presentation we're carrying out is a bit lame and won't attract a whole lot of people :/ He goes if you wanna talk about something interesting you can talk about seX. 

So yeah! I'm here to talk about SeX Astronomy :D
Today's 101 guide to the beauty of stars is the Orion Constellation because its damn easy to find in the sky. Okay, the easiest way to find Orion (O-Rye-On) is that it has 3 stars all aligned close to one another.  This is an eXample:

As you can see, there are the 3 stars very close to one another. As an amateur astronomer you may find it difficult to find as everything is close to one another but I'm here to save the day! To make sure you're right, the 3 stars are known as Orion's Belt and we'll come to that but first to make sure you're right. Using the same picture from the middle star go left and you'll directly reach that big red super giant star known as Betelgeuse. Using the same principle, head right from the middle star until you reach the big blue star known as Rigel. Betelgeuse and Rigel have the same radius to the middle star.  I promise this will get interesting but you need to identify first right? Okay then a little history is that Orion was a Hunter and the constellation neXt to him right in front is Taurus so he's battling a bull basically. In Taurus you also find a lot of beauties but basically get the main idea that Orion the hunter was battling a bull. Underneath the 3 stars known as the belt because that's belt if you draw it out comes the Orion Nebula and I will come to that. Here's the drawn idea of Orion

As you can see on the belt, there are those 3 stars :D Now you get the idea! Underneath the belt is his sword where if you focus you'll see the Nebula in Orion. Some quick facts

The 3 stars are more than 100,000 times more luminous than our own sun :D 
Betelgeuse is a Red Super Giant only 10 millions years old but because of its large size it evolved quite quickly. Its so big that you do know that 100 million earths can enter our sun BUT Betelgeuse is so massive that if it was to be replaced by our sun, it would engulf all 4 planets ending at Jupiter and that's pretty huge. It will eventually eXplode as a Type II Super Nova in the coming million years. 

Rigel is a Blue Super Giant Type B (very hot) and is actually the 6th brightest star in the sky. Its amazingly 85,000 times brighter than our sun surpassing any other star in our Milky Way GalaXy.  It's also 10 million years old and shines blue because its still young and hot :P  Here's the size compared to our sun

It will eventually become a Red Supergiant like Betelgeuse. 

The last but not least fact not to escape from topic but you can use the belt to locate SIRIUS which is the brightest star in our sky :D 

Just follow the line as it shows :) 

Now finally to leave you with the Nebulae in Orion :D
Enjoy the Night sky and contact me for details :D

Monday, 10 January 2011

Shadow Warrior

In the Darkest of Nights
Upon a Full Moon Glow
Demons of Might
Run where the Winds Blow

Upon every Leaf touching the Floor
Shadows Race against the Sands of Time
Their stories written in the Darkest of Lores
Ever Careful to leave a Mark or Sign

Patiently they do await the Blythe 
The day we bid farewell to the Sun
The day Darkness swallows the Light
The Day we'll forever continue to Run

Now they leave the Shadows - War is Here
They hold their Blades, Memories Never to Fade
A Day of Sacrifice - Blood, Sweat and Tear
Approach the Samurai and let History be Made